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Our Locks

 The information contained on this site is divided into 4 categories: For further detail of the window locks in each category click on the product image. For further information on each product click on the individual product image.

Wooden Windows

CHUBB 8013 Dual Screws
CHUBB 8013 Dual Screws

AS 5020 Sash stops
AS 5020 Sash stops

CHUBB Mortice Window Bolt 8001

BRAMAH ROLA R3/01 Casement Window Catch

ERA Mortice Window Bolt 837

CHUBB 8K101 Window Lock

CHUBB 8K102 Window Lock

CHUBB 8K109M Window Lock

CHUBB 8K113 Window Lock

CHUBB 8K118 Window Lock.

CHUBB 8K120 Auto locking Window Lock.

ERA 720 Securistay

ERA 801 Snaplock

ERA 809 Swinglock

ERA 808 Locking Window Handle

ERA 820 Staylock.

ERA 828 Locking Window Catch.

ERA 902 Flush Pivot Lock

YALE P117 Child Safety Lock.

YALE P118 Auto Locking Window Lock

BRAMAH Rola R1/01, R1/03, R1/04

BANHAM W107 Window Lock

BANHAM W121 Sash Window Stop

CHUBB WS1 Sash Window Stop

CHUBB 8K108 Sash Window lock.

ERA 803/804 Sash Window Bolt

ERA 822 Sash Window Stop

ERA 826 Window Bolts (Dual Screws)

INGERSOLL SW66 Sash Window Stop


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